Funerals for a New Day


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Years ago when attending a funeral or showing, the expectations were pretty standard. Most people were connected to the town and relationships were interconnected but each family proudly displayed their own distinctive brand as we would call it today. There was a formality that demanded a response from any family honoring their loved on, after all it was a reflection of the family, the number one team. Everyone knew who would be pall bearers, the minister or priest didn’t have a difficult time with the homily or eulogy - they knew the person and family personally and created the theme or tone of the service.Changing

Changing Times - New Traditions

Keehley flourished in that time of beautifully printed cards and books with a reverence for the service or ceremony. It was common knowledge to have an envelope for the presider and thank yous to a list of those who either helped out with the preparation or were in the service. Everyone knew what a necessary note was and to whom the honorarium’s would go.

Today life is more portable in many ways, yet there continues to be a desire for some formality but different maybe better - to establish new traditions and keepsakes.

Funeral Stationery for Today

One way MK is adapting to a new consumer and more portable funeral services is to create a package or grouping of products we have always sold separately. We include a more complete grouping of funeral prayer cards, funeral acknowledgement cards, honorariums, vehicle identification cards and signs, bookmarks, the register book and other keepsake pieces all designed with a specific theme such as our military collections series or our Celtic cross collection. Our newest collection, Butterlflies Be Free in intended for a non denomination audience with a more spiritual approach to the honor of a life.

MK Collections - A Simple Solution

These MK Collections as we call them take the burden of planning all the acknowledgements so no one is left out or forgotten. We also provide a growing array of specific themes that will cross cultures, belief systems and personal preferences. We know it is difficult to work with a grieving family any such a time as at preparing for the funeral of a loved one. Our themed approach and product grouping concept can help everyone concerned and provide simple yet appropriate solutions for grieving facility and funeral home directors looking for solutions when time is working against everyone. We all only have one opportunity to honor our precious loved ones and provide lasting keepsakes to always hold close to remind us of them and that glorious day they left us here on earth.