What is Craft Printing?

Mooney Keehley was formed at a time when all printing was craft printing. Just review our history. Craft printing is the evidence of human touch imparted to every impression, every sheet, and every piece. One sheet of paper can feature several such processes for an incredible effect. Craft print developed at a time prior to mass automation and digitization. It included many processes that would alter the surface of paper, craft board, or even synthetics. Detailed trimming, embossing, metal stamping, and engraving are hallmark processes of the craft printing trade.

Craft Commitment

Although much of the craft has been replaced by the commercial demand for speed and fidelity, there has always been a remnant of the craftsman that has lived on. Ken Hampson took hold of the historic company, Mooney Keehley, and discovered an equally passionate approach by applying craft printing to funeral home stationery. He works to create meaningful keepsakes that communicate honor, grace, and love for a special person at a challenging time of transition in any family. Every item created for a funeral, memorial, or celebration will reflect a hands-on approach to quality and craftsmanship by creating keepsakes that last a lifetime. Ken knows the tools and skills of the print craftsman coupled with new product ideas for all types of people can create something special and lasting. He has built something lasting at Mooney Keehley.

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