In December the John O. Mooney Company, Inc formed in Rochester, NY as fine Engravers and Stationers. John O. Mooney quickly gained recognition as a premier engraver offering innovative, quality products to the funeral industry.


Plant manager, Frank Keehley purchased the business and renamed the company Mooney Keehley. Mooney-Keehley continued to produce craft printed material geared towards the funeral industry.


Mooney-Keehley was commissioned to produce the prayer cards for John F. Kennedy – 35th President of the United States – of November of this year.


In June Mooney-Keehley was again called on to produce prayer cards for the Kennedy family. This time it was the Honorable Robert Francis Kennedy.


Elihu (Brud) Hedges and his brother David Hedges took over Mooney-Keehley. Dave and Brud improved manufacturing capabilities and processes that are still in use today.


Mooney-Keehley was purchased by Ken Hampson. The Hampson family is only the fourth family to own Mooney-Keehley in its 97-year history of serving the funeral industry.


Mooney-Keehley added Park Printers into their fold. This increased our Letterpress capabilities and brought us Rochester craftsmen Mike Conte.


Mooney-Keehley purchased Roberts Gold Foil Stamping. This purchase allowed Mooney-Keehley to bring in-house the manufacturing of funeral register books.  In addition to adding the capability of Foil Stamping, this brought us a legendary Rochester foil stamping craftsmen by the name of Rob Carbone.


OLP Print Finishing was brought into the fold bringing additional craft capabilities and craftsmen.

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