Butterflies Be Free


REGISTER BOOK 1 Custom designed & foil stamped on matt royal blue vinyl
FRAMED PRINTS 2 Framed foil stamped butterfly art & title on thick stock
BOOKMARK 5 shts Color ink-jet prints – perforated cards 4 per sheet
PRAYER CARDS 15 shts Color ink-jet prints – perforated cards 8 per sheet
ACKNOWLEDGMENT CARDS 20 shts Color ink-jet prints – perforated cards 2 per sheet
Butterfly Collection

Introducing the MK Collection

Funerals are a reflection of the current times, beliefs, and cultural norms of any society. In order to continue to practice the art and magic that is craft printing and find new ways to honor the life of a loved one, we introduce MK Collections —a grouping of specific products all designed together to reflect a fresh approach to all the thanks you’s, acknowledgment cards, envelopes, flower bearer cards, register books, even auto identification cards a funeral deserves. We call these things Keepsakes that Honor Life. MK Collections introduce new themes, colors, and printing processes all designed in a way to honor life and last as a final remembrance.